Four month old getting fussy with bottles

Anyone else’s 4 month start to be fussy with their bottles? LO just turns her head or plays around with the teat and no longer fishing her feed, no temp she seems completely fine in herself
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Have you tried changing the teat on the bottle? I found this a few weeks ago, and it was because she was getting frustrated with not getting the milk quick enough 🤣 We're using MAM bottles so moved her up to the size 2, and she's much happier for it now x

My little boy is exactly the same at the minute, it’s taking about an hour to finish a bottle and 9 times out of 10 he’s not actually finishing and leaving about 2oz from his 6oz when he used to drain that. Hes already on teat size 2 so I don’t think it’s the teat for him, we think its could be his teeth trying to come through which is putting him off x

@Sarah yeah she’s on size 2 teats and has been for a month or so x

@Abbie yeah my little one is teething as well, and she’s struggling with the pain, not sure whether to introduce a tiny bit of porridge see if that fills her a little bit more x

Yeah it could also be teething as well 😞 I feel horrid when they're teething cos there's so little you can do for them. Have you tried the next size up? It's so weird. I didn't change the teat with my tommee tippee bottles for either of my other 2 (they're 13 and 8!) But have had to change them on the MAM ones for my LG this time round. Weird, huh? Hope it let's up soon x

My baby is doing the same, she is breastfed apart from 1 bottle a day - past two weeks she’s started crying a lot after a couple oz and doesn’t want to finish it. Wasn’t sure if it’s teething or if the milk is upsetting her stomach?

My boy is exactly the same and it’s sooo frustrating! Used to drain the bottle in one go but now it takes forever and a lot of persuasion for him to drink at least 3/4 of the bottle. I’m sure he’s teething so could be that but I’ve also read that it’s common at this age because they are so easily distracted 🥴

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