Low PAPP-A - no aspirin

Heyyy ☺️ Has anyone been diagnosed with Low PAPP-A and told that they do NOT need to take Aspirin under new guidance as they’re low risk? I’m 23+6 Thanks in advance :) xxxx
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I am with low papp-a and and at 14 weeks, I met with the doctor. She said I don't need to take it. So, I am not taking it. I had my 20-week scan, and the baby's growth seems fine so far.

Not exactly the same but I had low Papp-A and couldn't take aspirin because of another health condition. Are you wondering if it's safe to not take it?

I had low papp-a and no aspirin my whole pregnancy with having no other risk factors 😌 xx

I had low Papp a and needed aspirin despite no other issues. The aspirin is to thin the blood to make it easier to get to baby to prevent growth restrictions etc. Unfortunately my daughter still had restrictions near the end and was born at 3lbs 4. I had growth scans at 28, 32 and should have been 36 but I didn’t make it that far. What is your Papp a? Mine was 0.34.

32 weeks with low papp-a and no aspirin. Baby's growth was good so not needed

@Rebecca yes it just seemed on here that everyone diagnosed with it was put on aspirin! So was worried why I hadn’t xx

@Rebecca I’m pretty sure it was 0.4… hope she’s doing okay! xxxx

@Laura I was worried when they said I couldn't take the aspirin but it does have to be below a certain level before they'll advise aspirin anyway xx

@Laura she’s 15 months now and thriving thank you❤️ if you have any concerns if contact your midwife or even community midwife team and just ask for advice. Are you getting growth scans? Xx

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