Why is this so hard

I've been told the first 2-4 weeks with a newborn are just survival but tell me why do I find weeks 4-8 harder than weeks 0-4? I am exhausted and I just want 1 night of good sleep. I don't co-sleep but I have been taking the baby into my bed every morning to stop him from grunting. This means I stay awake after 5am holding the baby. I am so tired. It is pure survival during the day as I battle naps while the baby is refusing to go down. I've never seen anything like this, but the refusal to go to sleep during the day results in everyone being tired and grumpy. This is so hard.
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I agree. 0-4 weeks was actually very easy he rarely cried. Slept through the night. I loved it. Now I’m lucky if I get an hour

I agree, I have twins and one refuses to sleep during the day so I’m constantly tending to him. The other one naps great so I’m basically pulling my hair out trying to get them both to nap so I at least have 30 minutes to myself 😫

It really is hard! I have found baby just sleeps better on me and we have both gotten better rest. It will get easier as he adjusts to being in the outside world, but newborn stage is just hard. It’s a huge learning curve. I’ve also been trying to get baby around as much daylight as possible to get his circadian rhythm synced. I can also get a longer sleep if he falls asleep on the boob, I gently slip it out and push his lower lip closed. And I do some baby wearing during the day to get things done. Not a lot of things, but some things. Hang in there!

We co sleep because otherwise I get no sleep and after a week of that I couldn't do it anymore. We went from 1-2 hours of sleep at a time in our bassinet to 3-4 at a time in bed with us. Now the last 3 nights she's slept 7-10 hours in a row. I know there's is a lot of back and forth about co-sleeping and it's not for everyone. But it works for us. Also as Alyssa side baby wearing in the day. My velcro baby doesn't like to be put down at all some days. We have baby carriers all over the house. They are a life saver.

@Alyssa the same here

Mine is 10 weeks and sleep is still super rough. What has helped me is on my husband’s days off he will take our son in the morning so I can get a couple of hours of sleep. If you have help, I would utilize that so that way you can get some sleep. It’s really tough right now but it will get easier. ❤️

I recommend downloading the WonderWeeks app. They talk about cognitive “leaps” that the baby is going through and whenever we have a sleep regression or more fussiness, it correlates with the leaps. I also co-sleep, but if you decide to do so, do your research to make sure it’s safe. Sending love momma ❤️ it’s so hard and it does get easier ❤️

Also buy the taking Cara baby course! Find her on instagram. Best money ever spent. Our baby started to sleep so well on her own for 11/12 hours at night. We are now applying same things to our second baby.

@Samantha I have twins it's definitely clock work some days

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