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Hi everyone. My son is now 1 and I've read so many different things regarding milk intake. Some say 16oz and then 8oz of other calcium. 16-24oz of milk or 10oz of milk?? He absolutely loves milk, it's 11am and he's already had 5oz...I know he'll have more than 16oz in the next 12hrs. What's correct???😩
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I only let my toddler have 2 cups of milk one in the morning and one after dinner then watered down juice for lunch and water all day long … idk up to you but just be careful I gave my baby to much cow milk at first and she got constipated, I had to help her pass a hard ball of poop..not fun times😂

@Myra oh wow I can imagine that wasn't fun😂 he's only just turned 1 so I'm hoping it'll eventually only go to 2 bottles a day but he's currently having 4 which I've gave formula for but I'm running dangerously low😂

Also forgot to mention my baby is 16 months old after formula it definitely took a minute to get her down to 2 bottles and she wouldn’t stop getting constipated so we did almond milk and eventually worked it down and switched back to cows milk once she was good with 2 bottles! Just worth mentioning in case your lil one ends up being sensitive to too much cow milk

My son turned one recently and still drinks 24oz. Our local recommendations are 12oz of cow milk per day maximum, so once we've reached that my son gets formula instead.

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