Skincare help please! 🙏🏼

Mamas, I am due to have my second baby in a couple of months and have found that this pregnancy has left me looking rather haggard 😔 I'm 35 years old btw.  I have been unwell for most of the pregnancy (thankfully baby is fine; it's just been me) and I'm sure that has taken a toll. But looking at my face in the mirror makes me feel quite down on top of feeling poorly a lot.  Can someone please recommend some skincare that would help rejuvenate me a bit. My issue is particularly my eyes - don't have under eye bags but the skin on and around my eyes is starting to look tired and dark with fine lines and wrinkles.  I have been googling like mad but there is so much out there that it is making me confused.  Thanks🙏🏼
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Hiya, just make sure to do your usual skincare routine everyday - morning and night. There are alot of information out there on pregnancy skincare, the key is consistency xx

I use Good Molecules Brand of skincare . I absolutely love it . I been using it before pregnancy as well

My skincare routine- double cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, night cream For day i do the same, no night cream, but a tinted spf50 sunscreen, powder spf15, contact lens, eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer and a matte lipstick Things that helped- prenatals, hair skin nails vitamins, hair vitamins (contains 250mcg folic acid so good for baby as well).,, bone broth weekly. Facial maybe ~2m. Cooking a lot (steam from cooking into my face lol) weekly exfoliating glove used w my cleanser, a mud mask ~2w. Lots of water, some Pilates. My brands- L’Oréal, Clinique for creams/eye cream/serums and night cream I had the pregnancy glow, it didn’t go away PP. hair loss only lasted 2m for me I think due to hair vitamins. I had my last baby at 33 I’m now 37 🙃

I m 35 yo too. Staying hydrated, empty stomach fruit and coconut oil helps me.

Hi Momma. I actually have a clean skin care and body brand you will love.

Licensed esthetician here! Before you decide on a regimen, do you know your skin type?

Deffo consistency is key as someone else mentioned already. The products that will help with fine lines and wrinkles you would have to check if they are safe during pregnancy for example the best product for fine lines and wrinkles would be a retinol eye cream (something to consider after pregnancy?) An alternative while pregnant would be something with niacinemide as that helps with texture, hydration and dullness, for all over a serum with the same ingredients and a hood hydrating moisturiser. Also enough can't be said for drinking loadsssss of water! I'm so guilty of nor doing this! Xx


I use the eminence brand. tad expensive but I love it

Thank you for your messages, everyone! Time for me to start researching what you've suggested! 😁

@Kellie thank you! I am impressed and inspired by how thorough your routine is. Did you take the skin, nails and hair vitamins on top of your prenatal supplements?

Yes I did xx even PP. swapped over to normal multis after birth but kept taking my HSN esp to prevent/minimise hair loss

@Jackie Hi! Yes I usually have normal/combination skin. However, over the past month I have noticed that the skin on my eyelids, under my eyes and high up on the apples of my cheeks has become a bit sensitive and stings when I use my regular day and night moisturisers.

@Jade Wow, you know your stuff! 😍 Thank you! Do you have any brands you would recommend for the Retinol eye cream and Niacinamide please? I'm suffering from horrid heartburn and sipping chilled water seems to help me a tiny bit, so thankfully that's ensuring I'm drinking lots of water everyday! (The only upside haha) xx

@Kellie thank you! Your skin looks glorious in your photos, so you're clearly doing something right! Xx

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