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I know it’s a bit early but just started to buy bits for my baby girl due on the 12th of July Will the baby need a blanket? Should I be taking vests and babygrows? Do babies get hot at that newborn stage? Any one else thought about this yet?
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I took 7 vests and I'm glad I did, the first poos leaked😂😂 you won't be allowed to leave the hospital unless baby has a hat on (i think blanket too) as they can't regulate their own temperature x

I’m due 27th July and also so not sure on what sort of clothes to pack! I brought a knitted cardigan boots and hat but wondering if that’ll be to hot in the weather?! It’s so hard

@Hannah my little one was 26th July last year, she had a long sleeved vest, leggings, socks hat and a blanket to come home with. The weather is just so unpredictable-.- I'd pack a light set and a warmer set, you can always put another layer on top x

I’ve had a July and an August baby but I live in Scotland and it doesn’t always get that hot but they had a short sleeve vest and a sleep suit on with a cellular blanket. I took a thin knitted cardigan too but you just need to watch for cardigans affecting the fit in their car seat and for overheating too 😊 x

My baby girl also due on 12th July 🙈 I’ve got her a cute blanket with her name. My son was born in May and it was hot but they still made sure he was wrapped up in blankets & hat when he was born 🙈🩷

Babies get sweaty from being skin to skin and nursing FYI. Haha My last baby was June 19th, so very close to my July DD. If you do anything I’d recommend bamboo pajamas and the 0.5 TOG halo sleepsack swaddle for bed

My first daughter was born in April 2019 and I honestly cannot remember what we did in the summer. I’ve bought half sleeve vests and babygrows in various sizes, will look at a vests and cellular blankets Thanks everyone!

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