Depositing 不

Anyone elses toddler just deposit EVERYTHING over their stair gate?不 we have a stair gate between our livingroom and kitchen and he throws absolutely everything over into our kitchen咯不不不
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Ours does it from the actual stair gate all the shoes and toys being thrown down the stairs. He finds it hilarious!

Yep! Made the mistake of throwing some dirty washing down the stairs, accidentally invented the best game ever

yes mine does exactly this, I was making dinner this evening and ended up with over 5 of his toys thrown over 丹領儭 he does it everyyyy day

Yep ours does this with his play pen. All the balls from his ball pit, blocks and pretty much everything he can throw once hes done playing will end up outside of it.

Yep. Same here everything lands on the stairs

Not just that its the stair gates, behind and under the couch, in the fireplace, basically everywhere she can throw or hide something in a place thats hard to retrieve it from is perfect for her

Yep, then he cries because he cant reach his toy

Hahaha im so glad its not just my little boy.. he is torture for it every single ball pit ball over into the kitchen hahaha xx

@Alannah oh the clean up after it every time

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