Rib/side pain

Anyone else experiencing a horrifically painful right side? I’m 32 weeks and bump is in the 95th percentile - so I feel quite big but I was feel fairly mobile and walking etc fine. I’ve developed a right hand side pain, it hurts to get up from sitting/lying, hurts to cough, sneeze, laugh, driving isn’t great either. Went to triage and the GP, they have said it could be gall stones or it could be a pull/bruising/fracture in the ribs. At my growth scan a few days ago we could see that baby is breech, with head on that side. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? It’s not preeclampsia, I’m not preventative aspirin and blood pressure etc is fine when they do obs.
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I had this kind of pain with my first, midwife always told me it was likely a foot in my ribs! I was on the 98% percentile ❤️ I always joked I wanted a tattoo for my little one in the spot that always hurt! I would speak to your midwife again if the pain persists though! Xx

Ah ok. My baby is currently breech, head is up there rather than foot. I suppose it could be that?

Same! I went to the ER and they did a thorough work up and everything was fine but even after I still went in to my OB a couple days after because the pain was so miserable. I’d get sudden sharp stabbing pains that made me feel like I was breaking my rib multiple times a day and even my skin over my rib was sensitive to touch! Honestly didn’t get any relief until she dropped and even now she finds a way to aggravate it time and again. I’m 36+2. I wanna stay it improved sometime in my 34th week. Only thing that helped was a Deep Blue stick rub my chiropractor gave me, and I’d use a heating pad. Took lots of epsom salt baths also. Hope it gets better for you soon!

I had this my last week of pregnancy. Same presentation. I’m a physical therapist so I assessed it myself and had my Oby/Gyne assess it. We determined it was musculoskeletal related - so either one of baby’s body parts pressing in the area, tissue tightness, increased rib mobility due to hormones, etc. After I gave birth I started mobility exercises for my spine/ribs, manual diaphragm release, breathing exercises, and epsom salt baths. I think the diaphragm release and ES baths helped the most. I did it daily. 5 weeks post partum now and rib pain is gone. It took about 2-3 weeks before it went away. It’s fairly common for the diaphragm to get “stuck” during pregnancy which is I think what happened in my case!

@Elizabeth oh the GP mentioned musculoskeletal to me!

@Elizabeth I’m anxious about the pain not going away as I’m having a c section so my mobility will be reduced even further! This is a really helpful reply though thank you

Yes! I had really bad right sided rib pain! It was from maybe weeks 32, my bump was on 50th percentile, but when my son was born he was very long at 52cm and they think that's why I was in pain as he was quite cramped in there!

@Sarah no problem! I had a vaginal so definitely may have been a different recovery if I had had a c section. While I was still pregnant I used a heat pack but just localized to the painful rib area (not abdomen), which my OBY cleared and helped a little bit. I hope you find some relief! That pain was absolutely awful when I had it.

Yep, R side for me too since about week 20(?). I’m 30 now and it’s always R sided.

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