LOW Placenta

I had my 20 week scan and the placenta appeared very close to the cervix upon which they had to do an internal ultrasound too. I was told in most cases, a low placenta resolves itself and pulls back as the baby grows. I am trying not to worry but I'm quite concerned. Did anyone else had this? Does a low placenta means I can't have have a natural birth and would be needing C-section?
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I have this right now too and found out around 17 weeks. I was also told the same thing as you that in most cases it does resolve itself. If it doesn’t though then yes likely will need a c section as the placenta is blocking baby’s exit gate lol. Hope everything resolves for you! I find out next week if mine has moved at all!

I was told at 20 weeks my placenta was over my cervix and at 23 weeks at a rescan it had moved behind the baby and my cervix was clear of it

@YazmynJade that's a relief to hear. So glad it cleared on its own for you. Wishing the same for everyone going through this.

@Jasmine thanks so much for sharing. Praying for your upcoming scan and hoping everything goes well for you and all of us going through this x

Yeah same here rescanned at 31 weeks and everything was good!

@Favi so glad to hear that!! Hopefully mine resolves on its own too.

Same! Low lying at 20 weeks, told I would need a c-section then had a rescan at 32 and it was out of the way, then I went on to have a natural birth!

@Sophie yay! So happy for you! I'm hearing so many positive stories, I'm hopeful for mine too now :)

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