Swimming nappies

What swimming nappies do you all recommend? Never taken baby swimming before so this has only just dawned on me that I should get some!
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we are using Huggies and we never had any issue with them! on the top you should put a happy nappy or any other swimming wear as double layer protection when going to the swimming pool. at least this is what they request in out swimming classes.

I use a reusable swim nappy and his bathers on top, that is considered “double nappy”…. Never bought a pack of disposables, I don’t use normal disposables. Reusables keep all the poop in if they were to poop

Used pampers and huggies both fine and under happy nappy with swimming costume!

Huggies x

I use the Huggies swim nappies and fun fact… they are washable! Have only ever used 1 pack and have been swimming many many times, I just shove it in the washing machine with her swimming costume and air dry, bobs your uncle! (I’ve only done this with wees she never poos while swimming)

We use the boots swim nappies they were cheaper than Huggies and work well. She then wears a happy nappy over the top so she is double nappied

We're starting swimming lessons this week and only have 15 minutes to get changed, guessing I can't put swim nappy on daughter in advance as they'll leak is that right? Or is that a silly question 😂🙈

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