Is this infected or just rubbing?

Apologies for the image. Just wanted some advice before if I need to seek professional advice. Had my c section nearly 3 weeks ago now. This is my second c section so I have a bit of flabby skin anyway. Is it just rubbing or is it infected ? It does have a slight smells. Nothing horrible wondering if it just a sweat smell. Dont have any other symptoms of infection.
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I’d get it checked to be on the safe side!

How are you caring for it? It looks like is leaking puss so definitely go get it checked

I get that checked out

That’s infected hun. It’s leaking and it smells. That’s not rubbing xx

It might be infected, and you should get it checked out. But just sharing my story in case this is not an infection. I used to get this pretty often (and still get it sometimes) from all the sweat (didn't matter how often I would have a shower and clean). For me normally it looks really red (like a rash) and with white discharge. My scar was never infected, it was just because of rubbing and sweat. My gp recommended daktacort cream (you can get it from boots without prescription). I still get this sometimes after 18 months from my c-section. Hope this helps xx

That looks infected :/ it looks like it's leaking, and it's inflamed. It could just be sore, but it's best to get it checked.

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