Maternity pay

I am due on 7th of June and thinking to go on maternity leave from 24th of May. My pay period is from 1st to the end of the month and I then get paid on the 7th of every month. For my June pay check would I be paid for the hours I worked before going on maternity leave plus the 6 weeks at 90 % of salary. Or just the hours I worked and then the month after I would receive the 6 weeks? I’m so confused right now and don’t have another meeting with HR till next month to ask them.
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Something to note: some workplaces maternity leave pay doesn’t kick in until the day your baby is actually born. Whether it comes early or late. Some people use holiday days to start their maternity leave early. I highly recommend speaking with your HR/people/payroll team and working it out with them so you’re confident in what you’re going to be paid. :)

If you go on you can calculate your maternity pay based on when you want to start your maternity and your usual pay dates ☺️ Working in finance, it’ll be your pay as normal up to the date you start maternity leave, then just depends on your company policy (e.g whether you get full pay for x months or go onto statutory pay)

I took a year off work mat leave which meant after a few weeks I'd only get statutory pay. So instead of me getting different figures every couple of months, i asked my work to spread my total 52 weeks (yearly) amount into 12 equal payments. So spread the total of the year equally so I got the same amount. Remember youll get ur holiday pay too so its better to spread it equally. That way u know where ur at every month. I also got help off UC credit. I would answer yes to your question but maybe perhaps ask you work anyway for reassurance. My work could never give me straightforward answers on what amount I'd get. I had to wait but It never really affected me as UC helped so much

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