Son won't sleep

My son will not sleep he is 2 and I have another baby on the way. I have tried everything. My husband is a light sleeper and gets frustrated easily when my son won't sleep. Does anyone have advice to help because it's hard functioning on only little sleep.
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Okay what are his activities before bed? Maybe too much stimulation not enough exercise? I kind of need more information to go off. I think kids in general can stay up all night if you let them especially watching TV or being on a device. If he's a very active kid I would make it a nightly ritual maybe after dinner before dinner to take him on a long walk and let him walk himself. Hot bath, book, warm milk with a little cereal in a sippy cup. Now my 4 year old doesn't like to sleep in her own bed or sleep when we're not at home so I tried those melatonin chews and baby work like a charm.

I figured out why my son won't sleep it turns out he has a double ear infection I feel bad for the poor guy.

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