Short naps

For those who have babies that naps for like 30/40 mins… how many naps per day are they having? My LB gets very cranky during the day as he has short naps like this & is tired a lot :/
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Usually twice a day but if we have an early start to the day (which has been happening a lot) then 3. Sometimes she’s tired at around 1/1.5 hours of waking up so we end up having two morning naps and an afternoon one!

Today one nap for 35 mins. At home she can nap for 3 hours over 2 naps, but she hates sleeping at nursery and usually does only 30 mins. She surprisingly doesn’t get grumpy though and she is there full time so she only gets the good naps on the weekend

@Jennifer this is same as my little one, they’ve said she’s just enjoying herself and doesn’t show an interest in sleeping. They’re managing to get her to have one nap of up to 40 minutes. Thankfully goes back to her 2 nap schedule on home days

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