LG does not produce tears

So random but she’s never produced tears since birth so 18 months now. We can’t recall ever seeing a single tear. I’ve just done an econsult with the doctors but now I’m wondering if I’m being dramatic 🫣 what would you do if this was your child? Or do any of you also have a child that doesn’t produce tears? To add, she does cry when in pain / upset etc. She doesn’t have dry eyes, sore eyes or anything like that, just no tears when she does “cry”.
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our baby was like this the first couple of months. he had blocked tear ducts. definitely something to investigate.

I don’t know if it makes a difference but my LO only produced tears when he’s really really upset

Thank you both ladies! The doctors have made us an appointment for next week - better to just double check 🙂

It can sometimes be a rare condition where their eyes are drier than normal (even if they don't look dry). If your GP isn't sure, ask for referral to a paediatric eye doctor to be sure, as it can cause issues if it's missed x

@Holly thank you! We have an appointment next week so I’ll feel more confident to ask for a referral if necessary now xx

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