Still not sleeping through

Anyone got any tips to help get my daughter to sleep through? She is 14 months old Has a bottle (cows milk) for her nap and we give her a bottle at bed time. She will have her bottle then go straight to sleep. She still wake up 1 or 2 times for a feed during the night. I dont know if it's because she's hungry or if it's just a comfort thing. I've tried watering it down, I've tried just giving her her dummy and seeing if she will settle but she won't settle unless she has a bottle !
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Thank you! Unfortunately we can't up her feed we've never been able to she will only drink/eat what she wants and won't take a top up🤣 Guess I just gonna have to carry on as we are xxx

Just came here to say girl I’m in the exact same position as you my 14 month old little girl still doesn’t sleep through the night & wakes 2/3 times during the night for milk feeds 🥲 it’s nice to know we aren’t always alone going through the same thing 🫶🏻

My son wakes at least once for a feed and multiple times for comfort still. We’ve been giving porridge before bed to fill him up as much as we can and it does help him sleep that bit longer before waking x

Waking once or twice a night at this age is normal, whether for food or comfort x

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