Refusing to nap!

What does everyone do when this happens? I’m torn between keep trying or just giving up and playing some more 😅
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If it takes more than 20 min, might as well continue play, then I extend the wake window a bit next day. I’ve been there trying for an hour, losing my senses 😂

I’ve literally just had this! So I gave up and played for a bit and have now tried again and she’s gone to sleep, this is the second day she’s not really wanted the second nap 🙄😂 so going to try longer awake time and shorter morning nap tomorrow see if that makes it easier 😊

If my boy fights his nap then I bring him back down for another 20 mins play, and try again. But if he still won't go down then I take him for a walk as this 9 times out of 10 works. If he dosnt have two naps then the afternoon/evening can be really tough x

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