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hey! I am 16 weeks pregnant and have no idea what I need to be buying so far! does anyone have a list of necessities for a first time baby mummy who is overwhelmed with how much she still needs to buy! 🥲
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Get clothes off vinted 😂 so much cheaper than buying new especially when they only wear stuff a couple of times. Also bear in mind that they are pretty much just a potato for the first 2 months so they don't need much at all. A couple of things that were must haves for me was disposable puppy pads to use as changing mats (so much easier to throw away than dealing with the mess of those newborn poops), and a little bouncer chair just for somewhere safe to put them when you go make a cuppa and they don't want to lay down.

Muslins!!!! You’ll go through them like no tomorrow. I think I actually used to go through about between 5&10 a day

- Crib/bassinet/Moses basket - Sleeping bag - make sure it’s the appropriate thickness for weather. Some people use swaddles too as helps baby feel like they’re being held - Blankets (for car seat and pram - would not recommend using them in their bed as it’s too stressful trying to make sure they’re tucked in tight enough 😅) - Changing mat - Nappies (don’t buy loads because they grow so quick! 2 or 3 packs to start off) - Baby wipes or cotton wool - Nappy cream - Bouncy chair - A few basic toys (black and white books, couple of rattles, some crinkly soft books for a bit of texture) - Muslins - Bibs - Bottles if you’re planning on expressing or formula feeding - Steriliser machine or cold water tablets - Bottle brush (to clean them) - Breast pump if breastfeeding - Babygrows and vests (don’t bother with too many little outfits like dungarees, jeans, dresses etc. they are cute but the baby grows so quick they only wear it once! Also agree get them on vinted so much cheaper) Xx

Oh and a dummy! Even if you’re not planning on using one. I was very against them but ended up using for the first 3/4 months and it helped so so so much!!

when i said cot i meant to put crib🤣x

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