Baby shower locations

Hi everyone My friend is going to have a baby in May :) can anyone suggest any good locations local to Preston to have a baby shower? Thank you!
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Where abouts in Preston are you looking? ☺️

The ancient oak in Cottam. I had my daughters 1st birthday there on Saturday. The function room is a really good size & we went with the £13 pp Buffett option & food for 25 people fed around 50 with loads left over. Definitely recommend! If you’re after something a bit more fancy then Lytham house is another good option (not Preston but close ish) that’s where I had my baby shower/30th party. They have some small dining rooms that fit 15-20 people around 1 big table.

Anywhere in Preston please 🙏

If you fancy a function room that’s not huge, I had mine 2 weeks ago at nets bar on Gregson lane (worth a Google) charged £50 for the room hire and we just did food ourselves, but could have the room for as long as we wanted and were able to go set up the night before. Room itself looks better in person so it’s prob a best to go have a look x

The plough at euxton

I had mine at bistrot pierre in the centre x

The mill at st Catherine’s

Happy bunnies in longton

Lime bar in penwortham

Lookout Cafe and Light Ash farm are both nice!

Thank you everyone 😊

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