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Hi ladies. I just wanted to ask a quick question if anyone can help.. I’m a single mum renting a property but have just started my maternity leave. I am going to be receiving SMP but was hoping to apply for universal credits to help me out a bit as well. What kind of documents do they ask for? And also can I apply now or do I have to wait until baby is here so I can provide her DOB? Any help would be great, thank you x
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I applied for universal credits before my little one was born they offered to give me an advance on the day they needed my proof of address and id they didn’t pay me anything until I went from advanced maternity pay to smp when baby was born I had to provide them with the birth certificate and then they started paying for him to hope this helps x

You will need proof of ID, proof of address and you’re bank information for money to be paid to you, you can apply now and then when she’s here and you have registered her birth you can add a change of circumstance to say that she’s been born and will then need to provide the proof of her birth certificate, I can’t remember if you proved the proof of these things on your journal or if you provide it in your first appointment with them, being a single mum they will most probably put you in no work related search for the first 2 or 3 years of baby’s life then it will change, I can’t actually remember how long it is but they will tell you in your first appointment anyway after you account has been made and they have given you one x I hope that’s helpful x

Ah okay thank you! When you say advanced maternity pay what does this mean? So if I apply now, is there a section that says I am pregnant and will start receiving SMP from the end of this month?

If your renting that need your tenancy contract with the monthly rent amount on it. Then you'll get about £1260 pcm which is for rent and bills etc

There isn't a section to put that you're pregnant, but once you apply they will look at your income for the following 4 weeks and then work out how much you're owed based on that. Then they do that every month, so it automatically changes how much you get as your income changes. Then once you have the baby you can just write a change of circumstance and they'll ask for proof. You don't need to wait until your baby is registered, you can use the red book the hospital give you :)

Oh great, okay thank you guys! So when it comes to the question are you currently getting any statutory pay from your employer do I put yes? I only went on maternity on Friday so haven’t received my February pay yet so I am aware it’s first 6 weeks 90% pay and then goes to SMP.. so do I say yes and then when it asks how much I put what the SMP currently is.. so £172.48? Thanks guys!

I'm pretty sure I did that as I had no idea what my 90% pay was going to be as my pay changed every month

Yeah I’m the same🤣 but when it asks am I employed and I say yes then it asks for my earnings.. but I’m not getting that anymore !!! 🤣🤣 so confusing! Thanks for your help x

They just want proof of id and address and the MATB1 you get off your midwife at 20 weeks x

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