Best monthly subscription for kids tv

Could somebody tell me what is the best monthly subscription for kids tv? I would assume disney + but wanted to see peoples opinions, we have prime video and theres a few bits on there but would like more options as my daughter gets older but don’t want to be subscribing to everything
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I thought Disney plus was a bit rubbish to be honest and I found it quite difficult to navigate and find new stuff. I think Netflix kids is better, and there's obviously more stuff on there that I would watch as well.

@Jasmine thank you! My daughter is obsessed with blues clues and you, do you know if this is on netflix? Theres only 2 seasons on prime video and I know theres more seasons than that

We’ve got Nickelodeon tv through our virgin box only £2.50 a month

@Rachael thank you! Ive just subscribed to paramount plus mainly for the blues clues and you🤣

@Georgia that’s my wee girl’s favourite just now never off 🤣

@Rachael honestly, i even know the words to all the episodes so 2 new seasons sounds amazing to me 🤣

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