Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I am 3 months postpartum, since having my baby I have gone back onto the same contraceptive pill that I was on previous to getting pregnant. Prior to being pregnant, my periods were very irregular and light. Since having a baby I have had two periods which have been heavy and lasting for over a week. I came off my period last Wednesday and had sex on Sunday, after sex I felt a little bit sore and when wiping I saw there was what looked like old blood. I thought maybe having sex may have irritated the inside but now I am bleeding more like I’m having another period. I was off my period for 3 days. Is it possible to have another period that close together? Or has having sex had some kind of impact?
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Is it deogestrel? As I'm totally having the same nightmare lol tho the bludy period can last for over 2 weeks

Yes I’m on desogestrel! It’s ridiculous, I’m so confused by it all!

It used to work great before I had my baby but now it's useless, I've stopped taking mine atm just so I stop having a 3 week period lol luckily my man out of action atm (thigh burn) so that's convenient. Gonna go docs if I can ever get a appointment and ask for something else

That’s lucky! I think I might need to change my pill if it continues!

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