Pancake Day 🥰

My little boy couldn't wait to see his breakfast this morning 😍 Banana and oat pancakes with blueberries and some yoghurt on the side 🥞🥞
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I’ve got that prepped for my LGs tea (I’ve added some raspberries too) 🥰 Can’t wait to see her face. How did he find eating the pancakes? The only thing I’ve done similar is omelette….and she didn’t really consume it, just spat the bits out as they broke off.

Share the recipe please 😍

@Amy he loved them! He did well to be honest.. I think because they were fresh and warm they were more crumbley and squishy than if I'd have made them ahead of time and put in the fridge so they were hard for him to hold sometimes and I used a spoon for the bits that then fell off

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