Morning sickness !

Does it ever go away?!? It’s not as often as initially as I’ve lost 28 pounds in the first few months. But I hit 25 Weeks yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling awful. It’s like every other day. I am gaining weight now, but not a lot. I’m not throwing up anymore, just lots of gagging but it makes me not want to eat anything… 6 months in and I’ve only gained 2 pounds
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This was me until 22 ish weeks. I talked to my doctor and started IV fluid infusions with vitamins and they would also give me anti nausea medicine through the IV it was a life changer. I was finally able to start eating and start gaining weight.

@Ashley Mitchell was this done at home or at the hospital ?

@Madison they sent me to an outpatient office at the hospital. I didn't have to pay hospital prices as you would for being in patient.

Yes! Eventually it does go away. It took me FOREVER to stop feeling that way. Occasionally when I eat certain things I’ll get sick but only if it’s something the twins don’t like. For me, I stopped puking but still felt like gagging and super nauseous all the time. As the weeks went on it slowly went away so sounds like you’re on your way of being done hopefully!

@Madison I honestly think it was being hydrated and all the B vitamins that made me feel so much better. There is a Strawberry Kiwi Focus Vitamin Water that has all the B vitamins in it that you may want to try if you wanted to try something else first.

@Ashley Mitchell thanks so much! Will definitely try

@Aja I hope soon! As soon as I feel better I feel like it gets worse! I don’t know how people have 5 kids if this is how it goes every time 😂

I know some people who were sick the whole time, but if you’ve lost that much weight just make sure you and your doctor have a care plan! I was taking Zofran (anti nausea med) twice daily for the first four months. My dr said also you can schedule regular IV infusions for liquids if that’s a problem too. I only had to do this once but it really helped. It will go away at least when the baby comes!

@Madison haha girl same😂 I’m having twins so after this I’m done😂

My doc prescribed me diclegis & it’s helped sooooo much almost 29 weeks & still had bad morning sickness but not anymore

Try sea sickness bands I wear mine 24/7 except for showering

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