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Why is it now that are babies are no longer newborns, people seem to drop off the face of the earth asking how you are, do you need anything etc. Nobody seems to care anymore as they expect you to have your shit together by now but actually we're fully in the thick of teething and a sleep regression, I could do with a hot brew and shower more now than I did when he was a newborn that slept and some days, no I'm not okay! 🙃 The hard days make me feel guilty for feeling so stressed because he's all I ever wanted, after trying for so long it makes me feel I'm being ungrateful. I absolutely adore my son and love him with every bone in my body, I love being his mama so much but some days are so much harder than they ever were when he was a newborn 😅 Just wanted to get it off my chest and say if this is you too, you're not alone and I hope you are doing okay! A virtual hug for anyone that needs one 🫂❤️
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Sending a virtual hug right back 🤍🤍

Totally get this! I'm finding everything way more harder now than in the newborn stage and my "support network" has virtually disappeared. It's so hard.

100% with you on this! My partner got made redundant in November so I’ve had his help most of my Mat leave and now he’s gone back to work I forgot how hard it is on your own. These days are definitely harder, with babies who don’t sleep, want constant entertainment and won’t let you leave the room without crying it’s certainly harder than the newborn phase - I remember I even had time to have a bath one day when he was newborn and that’s a distant memory! Sending hugs back, we all got this 🤗

Totally agree

Yep! And it’s so much harder now because our sleep debt is huge, at least when they were newborn we had a bit of energy in the bank. My parents will say things like “you need to reach out if you’re struggling” but why do I because I’m struggling most days 🫠

@Leanne my parents have said similar! "If you need us to come round any day just let us know" and I'm like every day then please 😂 incidentally they now can't help at all due to health reasons.

@Rebecca no way! Honestly why do they say that, maybe I’m in a selfish baby bubble 😅 but I find it a bit backwards, I’ve even told them exactly as you say that I’d be doing that everyday! But the difference is about 5 months ago they & others would message and come round a couple evenings in the week and now it’s just vanished under the assumption it’s all ok now. Spoiler, it’s not 😂 Also, sorry to hear they have health issues going on.

@Leanne I feel exactly the same! It's so frustrating! And thank you, cancer sucks 😔

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