New PCOS diagnosis

Hi all, I got a PCOS diagnosis today and I just feel really sad about it. I am TTC for the first time this week and was so excited that we might get pregnant but this has cast a real cloud over that. I have no idea how to manage PCOS or what it might mean for my ability to conceive now or again in the future. I have regular periods and have had ovulation confirmed at past scans but I just feel a bit frustrated that there’s something wrong with me that might affect our ability to have a family and a bit like I’m broken. I don’t really have a question, I just wanted to express my worry and hear from any of you who might have gone through this too! Lots of love xx
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Don't worry, it can cause problems but doesn't mean it will. I have pcos, very erratic cycles, could be up to 50 days. My first I conceived in 2 months, just got pregnant again first cycle trying, though I used LH strips. The only thing I did was take pregnacare conception, myo-inositol (which helps if you have pcos) and followed the SMEP method. I didn't track ovulation the first time but did this time. Anyway, don't worry you only just started trying and might not have any difficulties. Good luck!

@Tanya do you mind explaining the SMEP method please?

Of course, basically having sex every other day until ovulation, ovulation day and the day after. With my first I just did every other day between periods, this time tried to follow SMEP. You can find more info here. (Miscarriage trigger warning),again%20on%20the%20fifth%20day.

@Tanya thank you so much. It’s really kind of you to have been so reassuring!

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