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I know this probably sounds stupid but can you just take your baby to a local pool instead of booking swimming lessons? Is it a bad idea? Does anyone do this? Is there a baby pool or do you just take baby into the big pool when there isn’t lane swimming?
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Just check it’s warm enough!!!

I would just check there is a baby pool and the temperature, most pools with swimming lessons are a certain temperature especially baby lessons. X

I took my 1st to a local pool that did specific sessions for parent and toddlers in their small pool. It wasn’t lessons, just a session where you knew it wouldn’t be overcrowded and would only be parents, babies and toddlers.

It’s the pool temperature. That’s why most go to classes specially for babies

You can just go to your local pool if it has a baby pool. I took my boy last week to an “open swim” session, meaning there were no classes. He loved it and we were the only ones in the baby pool.

Yes! I would check to make sure the pool is warm enough but I take mine to the mommy and me slot for under 5 and the family swim at ours. I am a former swim instructor so I never planned on taking to swim classes. I would just keep baby upright or on their back till they are comfortable and know not to drink the water. You may want to do a single lesson or two to get an idea of things you can do in the water besides just floating around.

Yeah I took my son when he was 6 weeks old and did it weekly for a while but he’s been getting colds so not taken him whilst he’s been unwell. If it’s a baby pool it’s nice and warm for them

We actually went today for the first time. My partner is refusing to to pay the extortionate prices of swimming classes haha but our local pool is heated and had a sing n splash session so he went to that.

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