Should I let my mom be in the room?

I'm 20 due with my first July 5th I'm with my boyfriend so he's definitely going to be present, my mom constantly asked to be in the room and I caved and said yes just not to take any pictures or post before I get a chance to, which she agreed. I've learned a while back, though, when she was iffy on my boyfriend that she was "going to make sure he didn't sign the birth certificate" I don't know if she still stands on that and even then that's just not okay to even say it's NOT her kid. I love my mom but hearing she said that just makes me worried, it's my life and my little family she has no say. I'm also worried she's going to make me sign my rights over and if I don't she can say I'm not mentally stable?? This is just things I've been told and they have me STRESSED. I really had no issue with her being there but thinking about it makes me want to quietly give birth without her knowing, which is hard because I do live with her as of right now currently waiting for an apartment to tell me my move in date but im on a waiting list so u don't know if we'll get approved before baby boy gets here. How should I go about things? She has no idea I know she said that.
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I would talk to her about it first see where she’s at. You shouldn’t have to be worried about it what someone else’s behavior while you’re in labor. If you have to, then it’s a sign she shouldn’t be there.

I would have your mum there. You only do the birth certificate like two weeks after and you make your own appointment so just don’t tell her when you register the baby x

When I gave birth, I filled out the birth certificate info before I was discharged. You can ask the hospital what their policy is to be sure.

If you don’t live with her by July, you can “forget” to tell her you’re in labor until after the baby is born.

As long as you don’t accept any pain meds while in labor, she can’t say you’re out of your mind.

@Shannen lol we couldn’t leave without doing the birth certificate.. where are you from?🤔

@Brianna ah sorry didn’t realise this was US! Sorry. Here in the UK we register about two weeks later x

@Shannen ahh makes sense! lol i be watching UK documentaries and I’ve seen them do that! I was so amazed! Yea here couldn’t leave without doing it or setting up his first doctors appointment for that week😅

I would let her be in the room and also let your birth team know the situation so they can have her leave if you feel uncomfortable! I wish I had my mom there just through labor because we're close, but it was only one person allowed at the time. And since I'm in the US I agree with the others that you usually sign the certificate right before you are discharged. My dad isn't on my birth certificate and I wish he was, so there's that.

Hey Hailey! Im a first time mom due later in July. I struggle with my relationship with mom so I totally get the confusion. Luckily I’m in a great relationship that is supported by both our families. Don’t let the worry of having to stay with her stop you from drawing boundaries. Sounds like having her in the room will add stress and that’s the last thing you need

If you go into labor when you’re not living with her you can just decide not to tell her and let her know when the baby is here. Your labor is about you and your baby being healthy and safe. Your boyfriend being supportive is an added bonus and anyone after that is not entitled to anything.

I love my mom and we have a good relationship but she's never been in the room with me when I've given birth and has even waited until we've came home to come see the baby. Everyone's family dynamic is different but please do not let her pressure you to let her do something you're not comfortable with!

Talk to her about it and if you don't want her in the room tell her, you can always tell the hospital that you don't want her in there and she can stay in the waiting room and they will make sure your wishes are followed to a T

She can’t make you do anything love or him. I’d talk to her about all of your concerns calmly & if she still plans to be a problem, let your Ob team know when you get to the hospital. Is her overbearing behavior coming from a place of love & protection or control?

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