Baby porridge/ rice?

Has anybody found any baby porridge/rice that is milk free? I've found a couple of rice in the supermarket but they all have 'traces if milk' so not sure what to try😊
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Nope- others might! But we had no luck. We have shereddies and weetabix with warm milk. Or if you want porridge blend your normal oats so they are fine and we do ours with oat milk! X

We use the organix baby porridge, it’s vegan so has no traces of milk.. we have never had any issues with it 🙂 We currently use the banana and plum one.

We just blend normal oats up for porridge

Milupa red berry multigrain porridge , Organix do dairy free porridge in different flavours and baby rice that’s got no traces of milk. Aldi also do pouches of dairy free porridge for on the go and so do Ella’s kitchen! Aptamil baby rice contains no traces of milk X

Most supermarkets sell 1kg bags of porridge oats for less than a £1, just blend them up and make it up with whatever formula you are using.

We personally used used normal oats with oat milk! X

Little Steps Multigrain Cereal, Oats, Wheat & Barley

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