Car seat camera vs mirror?

Expecting my first baby in June. Currently putting together a registry, but can't decide if it's worth paying out a little extra to get a car seat camera over a mirror.... What are people's thoughts on this?
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Camera 100%! I have a mirror but I can’t see her in the dark so I’m looking into a camera

We have a mirror that works fine, it also gives him something look at and can see you as well. I think camera would be too distracting for me, I sometimes find the mirror distracting when he’s making noise.

I use mirrors with both mine. Nice that they can see you too!

I use a mirror and love it plus usually find lo staring into it which keeps her entertained. I’m not sure and could be completely wrong on this but I’m sure I read somewhere that the cameras don’t comply with road safety, again could be completely wrong on that. But honestly I think I’d find the camera distracting x

I'd never heard of a camera to keep an eye, not sure how that'd go alongside a satnav too if that's used, distraction wise. But on the other hand with mirrors i think you're (i am anyway) more likely to turn your head to look back and you shouldn't so maybe a camera could be good if you have it right next to your line of vision, with mirrors you look into the rear view mirror and then downwards so it kind of is distracting but it IS nice that they smile at you and can probably give them some comfort as many babies just HATE not facing forward.

I love my camera. I can see her in the dark.

We had a mirror with my first, got a camera for our second to see both and wish we had one all along so 100% camera!

I use a mirror and my daughter loves that she can see me in it, she’s always smiling and clapping at me. She gets much more upset if she can’t see me! I also think a camera could be too distracting for me personally

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