Really need advice here

My child is almost 1 and his still on mainly bottles barely eats normal food I was told that he needs to be on diary I was told too feed him more food. Problem he won't eat what i give I offer foods every day the same foods and he won't take it if he doesn't like it he'll throw it if he didn't want it he throw it he mainly feeds off his formula yeah he may have here and there other foods but there like a small snack if that I know all babies are different but I'm. Concerned he may have something wrong as I've googled and said maybe child has a developmental problem or sensory. And my partner got angry when I said he could have something wrong and blamed it on me as I have a disability myself but I said it's not my fault it happens
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Offer water only alongside meals, have set times a day when your child has their bottle (ex. before nap, before bed) you can also begin to transition to whole milk (or whatever milk of your preference) Maybe try a different plate and/or utensils. I know kids who won't use plates where their food touches because they've used divided plates their whole lives! I also know kids who HATE the stainless steel texture, so strictly use silicone. You could also eat with your child and model how good food is! Maybe even try sharing mommy's plate. If you did purees to introduce foods, I'd maybe start checking out Solids Starts for ideas on how to introduce more! First and foremost, I'd call your doctor though to check for anything wrong, as it's not normal.

1. I would speak to your health care provider. My daughter is the same but she will eat puréed food most times she sometimes eats what I eat but it’s mainly just veg and a little bit of chicken 2. Get rid of your partner 🙄

I have tried most things if I don't give him a bottle he cracks it

I always use silicone

Or the plastic ones that have that rubber type feeling

He could have sensory issues with food, some children just aren’t ready to eat normal foods, get him extra vitamins… and just try keep down on the milk he will eventually get hungry and will eat what’s in front of him, like obviously don’t stave him love but cut down on his bottles and if he still doesn’t eat obviously give him his bottles back and speak to your doctor

Oh that sounds so stressful for you. If they are having a lot of formula still they might not be hungry for actual food. Like @Kita says transitioning them to milk just before nap and sleep might help and at one year they should be weaned off the bottle and formula completely. Sounds like you’re doing a great job though and certainly nothing is your fault.

I'm just struggling 😔 I'm trying my best

Pediasure until you speak to doctor and start with puréed food , did you ever try giving him bsby food ? If definitely sounds sensory. Also try out finger foods

He started puree at almost 4 month's and he ate it some of his favourites atleast

My son is the same way! And he is two! And I think it’s for sure sensory, so what he has shown interest in I’ll offer it several time throughout the day also stuff that I think are similar to what he already likes. Because it is a sensory issue there’s certain textures that he likes and other textures that just are not OK. I will leave whatever I offer near him so he can grab when he wants. I do also leave a water bottle near him and a milk bottle only about 2oz that way he has no choice but to drink the water. Yeah sometimes it’s not always great and he will throw a fit cause he wants more milk and he has broken bottle cause of it but I just let him cry for as long as he needs and leave the empty milk bottle with him and I’ll leave the water with him as well … I know how exhausting it can be, but just hang in there I’m sure you will find something that will work for you and your son! Hang in there momma you’re doing great!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it’s time to see a specialist in pediatric feeding.

@Sara so I just let him crack it even if it's not what he wants etc I've also tried offering similar textures too but still prefers aka bottle and a slightly similar foods

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