One last chance ?

I’m due in 2 weeks I told my baby’s dad my due date. I am now going to be induced or c-section next week. 1 week early but the thing is he hasn’t spoken to me in 6 months. He never once reached out I sent scan updates, last one he didn’t reply and one before was my 12 week scan was the last time I heard from him. I feel like I’ve done my part? Like he knows the due date he’s not stupid if he wanted to be at the birth I’m sure I would have had a message by now as it’s not on the actual date everyone knows this. Should I give him a last chance message letting him know date of induction etc or leave it. For background he split up with me when I fell pregnant was pretty nasty about it as well, refused to come to scans but wanted updates. At the time he said he didn’t want to abandon his child and he has never said the words I won’t be involved but he has and he clearly is not arsed about mine or the babies welfare how could you be if you haven’t once asked the whole 9 months is the baby ok. I think he’s defaulting out of getting involved but he knows by saying the words it will look bad on him. He’s probably happy I’ve just left him alone most the time.
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To be honest I personally wouldn’t bother, sounds like you and your baby will be much better off without him! Xx

Honestly the way I look at it is, you’re the mom, YOU are the main caregiver from the time of getting pregnant to at least 5. Kids need their momma, not saying it’s not nice to have dad around just saying sometimes it does more harm than good. Girl you are the one going through it all, it sounds like he hasn’t tried to be involved unless it was new and exciting. YOU are the one going through the pain and bringing life into this world. Sometimes life is best with a sperm doner. If I’m being honest sorry if o offended you at all I hope things get better. Here to talk!!

@Lilli I’m not offended to be honest I feel like this anyway haha I think it be more trouble than worth it! Plus he has my number easy for him to send a text but I didn’t know if maybe I was doing the right thing or not but sounds like I am

I would just message him to let him know. Then you can feel assured you did everything you can to attempt to have him in your child's life.

I personally would and that would be the last update, once the baby is born it’s up to him to make the effort.

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