Holidaying with a baby

Can anyone recommend a good holiday destination for us to take a 6 month old? We are planning our honeymoon for July and will have our baby with us, any suggestions would be appreciated!
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I mean it depends if you want to go sightseeing or not. But either way I highly recommend Romania (my home country) for the amazing landscapes, the history, and the amazing places you can visit (for example Dracula Castle or any of the caves). Wherever you end up going, it always helped us to have a seat available next to us where our daughter can play and have her little space. We never purchased an extra ticket, but we always hoped the seat next to us is available haha xx

And most hotels have a cots for babies xx

Barbados. We’ve taken our girl when she was little and it was amazing. Swam with turtles, went out on a yacht with her, amazing food market, crystal clear water, sunshine, rum xx

@Sarah hi , my im from Barbados and my dad is travelling there from April - May and I really want to join him with my LO but not sure with the heat etc as she’ll be just over 4 months by then plus the really long flight. How old was your girl when you went ?

@Jessica she’s been twice at 5m and 12m. It’s not bad, just stay out of Bridgetown as there’s no breeze and no shade. We stayed on the south coast which has an amazing breeze and the water is warm. East side has Atlantic water and wind and is cold. Tbh though, I’ve never found heat to affect baby. She did Australia at 4 months old and it was 36c and she’s been in Arizona desert too. Just keep them cool, don’t put too many clothes on them, fan in the pram, parasol too. Lots of time in the pool and floppy hats. They are super baby friendly and even got her in the water with the turtles on a catamaran tour of the island. Definitely recommend it for a first holiday. Get an all inclusive and just relax and eat and drink. Very family friendly. We hired a car and a car seat too super easy x

@Jessica ohhh if you are staying with family (sorry just reread your post) even better!!

@Sarah haha no that’s alright I’ve been many times as we have an air bnb out there but was asking as this will be the first time I potentially travel with a baby! what you said is pretty reassuring so I think I might do it :) Dad has already hired a car so will look into the car seat hire also as didn’t know you could do that xx

@Jessica we were shocked tbh as car seats aren’t popular out there and we were actually able to find one. The flight is fine. It’s full of families and the white noise knocks babies out. Just pack extra clothes in case you have a 🤢💩 explosion, pack calpol and travel with them in pjs. Our girl slept most of the way and the night flight home as great as she fell asleep on the runway leaving and woke up 30 mins out of Gatwick x

@Sarah good advice and I’ve been meaning to purchase a White noise machine anyway 🤔 thanks a bunch! Xx

@Jessica the plane is one huge white noise machine, it’s magic! If it works, you can definitely invest in one for home 🤣 I hope you have fun x

@Sarah thanks so much for the recommendation, I was worried about doing a long haul flight but you have made me feel reassured, I will look into Barbados! Xx

@Emma the way I’ve always looked at it, you could have a bad day with a few cries on a plane… or you could have the same cranky day on your sofa. You either wake up the next morning in your bed at home or in paradise x

We’ve done long haul a few times with ours. Recently took our 10 week old to Jamaica she was fine on the flight

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