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What is everyone doing in the week to get out? Apart from a couple of walks I haven’t really ventured out yet! I think I’m still daunted by it! Thanks
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Baby classes! These have been an absolute lifeline for me in helping me get out the house.

We go swimming lessons on a Monday and baby sensory on a Friday 😊 xx

Children’s centre - lots of free things and no expectations or judgement if baby cries/needs feeding etc. Been to a couple of national trust places to walk round and went to a garden centre for lunch with my sister. Find the more you go out even if for short trips the easier it gets!

Swimming, coffee mornings, baby sensory, breastfeeding support group. Or I just take him with me to get a coffee and a cake

If you're on Facebook ask in your local group what things are on in your area, people will happily suggest things. I've found swimming classes at this age pricey, compared to just going swimming at local pool. Baby sensory classes tend to be block bookings and payment is upfront so you're tied to going. While your still finding your feet it might be worth looking for things that are free to attend or pay on the day. I've booked a baby sensory term and sat through one class with baby sleeping, he just didn't want to wake up the full hour, so felt money was wasted xx

I try to go out every other day. But it's usually to do little bits of shopping or visit family. Sometimes I just want to go for a walk with pram or carrier usually to a coffee shop and back. Friday I usually take our baby and toddler to a local church playgroup. I did baby massage, sing and sign and a forest school walk with our first but I did find them expensive and stressful getting to them on time.

We go for coffees, meet other mums, baby groups, baby massage, swimming, sensory classes. Honestly I’ve got a busier calendar than before her 🤣

I stated going to a mums fitness class where u take baby with you. I also did a hartbeeps class the other day but now waiting to after easter to start doing them again. There are more classes about but I don't drive so can't get to them or not at the right times that I can't make it.

I’ve booked two classes which start next week so have just been taking her out to coffee shops or meeting friends or to my parents or oh parents house. Just nice getting out and about even if it’s just an hour.

Shops,baby classes, softplay ( I have a 2 year old aswell) stay and plays, parents house’s basically just where ever I end up as getting our house is a must for me 😂

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