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I'm wondering if anyone has had the same experience. We went to window to the womb at 16 weeks and they said we are having a boy. Now at my 20 week scan (I had it at 21 weeks), she told us we are having a girl. I'm so confused 🤔
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At 16 weeks baby it’s not always easy to be able to tell what the gender is. This is why the hospital don’t do gender scans prior to 20 weeks. Congrats on your little girl x

Do you have your 16 week potty shot?

Hospitals don’t do gender scan full stop. The gender is a bonus at the NHS scan. It’s for medical reasons.

I would trust 20 week scan as early scan can't be trusted. 🙂

We did a sneek peak blood test, come back boy, 20 week scan said girl 🤷‍♀️🤣. Got to go back Thursday for more measurement recordings so will ask again! Xx

Oooooh dear, unless u wanna have another private scan. Luckily mine was reconfirmed at 20 weeks by nhs that too because baby was in good position to be seen. Else it’s not the first priority by NHS.

No but funnily enough I wondered if it happened that way round! We were told a boy at 16 weeks but I didn’t get a potty shot I got a side view and thought it was weird as I had a potty shot with my little boy! I joked to my friend this morning imagine if at my 20 week scan on Friday they said girl 🤣

I’d call window to the womb and tell them the situation and ask to have another gender scan for free to be 100% sure

Window to the womb I think offer a free re scan if youre told something different

If you go for a rescan make sure you don’t tell her which gender the NHS told you not to influence her answer

@Beatriz they offered me a rescan for free in Watford, I live in Bedford it's too far, so I paid another local place here.

@Nika let us know how it goes!!

@Beatriz they offered me a rescan in Watford, I live in Bedford, I did my scan in Aylesbury, Watford is too far for me.

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