Moving on to cows milk

Did anyone else start the transition slightly before the 1st birthday? I’m not sure whether to start earlier and then nursery can take over for just cows milk or just leave it til she is 1 (starts nursery same week) and begin transition then?
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Yes we started about 2 weeks before, just over x

My daughter is 1 on 26th Feb and we changed her over last week x

my son was on cows milk fully a week before his birthday! but was having 1 bottle a day cows milk like a month before & then added to 2 then he was on full cows milk when i ran out of formula

We started almost a month before. She wasn’t drinking much formula anymore and seemed ready so we did it gradually over 2-3 weeks

Sorry to jump on I was wondering this too and also do we give cows milk in formula bottles and feed them or give it in a sippy cup type of bottle? X

Amazing thank you! X

@Leah-Anne I’m planning on doing it in bottles for the moment and then start dropping I think (but I’m not going to rush it!)

@Leah-Anne I still give in a formula bottle x

We've started replacing an ounce of formula with an ounce of blue milk, and then will increase it over the next couple of weeks. My girl still has 4/5 bottles a day! So I don't know if that's gonna be way too much blue milk 🥴🥴 she's one in 2 weeks for reference x

We started cows milk about month before as ran out of formula so thought we would try, hes loves it. More than formula 😂

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