Maternity leave

I’ve been asked to inform my head teacher of what maternity leave I’m taking- start date and return date etc. I’m a teacher (4days a week) and school SENCo. I’m due on 4th July. I’m really unsure when to go off. When is everyone else thinking of starting maternity? X
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In my previous job my duties where limited to a desk nearing my due date, so I was pretty much 1 week before. I took holidays then had a section, so I was technically on holiday getting full pay whilst having my baby haha. This time round, I’m a childminder, so it’s a lot more physically demanding. So I reckon I’ll take June, maybe last three weeks in June. I’m due July 1st. I’ll probably be a C-section again, due to my remote location and the hospital being 2.5 hours away.

I'm going to try and go up to 2 weeks before I'm due, but it's my first pregnancy, so 🤷🏼‍♀️

I'm due July 16th, I plan on working up until the last day in June and then giving myself a couple of weeks to rest before the madness starts. I have quite a physically demanding Jon with long hours so this is all dependent on how well work accommodate me later in my pregnancy

Im due 2nd and plan on taking annual leave at the beginning of june then starting my mat leave 2 weeks before. So I'll finish at end of may

Teacher here also - I’ll be going up to 38 weeks. Did this with my first and didn’t end up having her until after 40 weeks. A couple of weeks rest was plenty maybe even too much! X

I’m due on Sunday 7th July and I’m working up until the 5th July my job is at a desk and we work from home so I’m lucky that I get to do that

I'm working until 5 days before my due date, but can bring it forward if I need to! I just want as much time with my baby after birth 🥰 so i know it's probably unrealistic, but can always change it if i need to 😊 X

In California you can take disability starting at 37 weeks that is separate from your birth disability time, both job protected. That may be something to look into in your state. I didn’t do that last time and it was hard not having those final weeks off.

I’m a teacher and due on 5th of July, I’m going to a week after may half term and then go off (gives me around 3/4 weeks). I don’t want to be heavily pregnant in summer term and boiling! But if I need to go earlier or choose to go later my school are quite understanding.

I work with SEN children at a school part time and I’m going to take my maternity 11 weeks before my due date and don’t plan on returning. My workplace isn’t being accommodating so I don’t wish to stay longer than necessary. Whereas in my first pregnancy I worked in a bank and took maternity on my due date and used my annual leave just before so had 4 weeks off prior to baby’s arriving It really depends on how you feel and your circumstances x

I’m a nurse, and I worked till 38 with my first as I wanted as much time with baby but this was not the best idea. The last few weeks are so much strain on your whole body, heart/breathing/muscles/joints. Been told by the midwives this them that I should not work so long so I’m thinking maybe 36 weeks but see how I’m doing closer too. Xx

I'm also a teacher. I work in a PRU type setting (lots of behaviour and SEN). I'm going to start my maternity at 37 weeks and use as much annual leave as I have left before that (we don't get holidays off and have normal annual leave). I reckon, with annual leave, I'll be off about 6 weeks before due date. I know most people wait till later but I have a very stressful job so I want to give myself lots of time to relax before. I was comparing to others before but honestly, you've just got to do what's best for you depending on your circumstances. Good luck! Xx

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