two month old sleeping

my baby can sleep 7+ hrs during the night and it gives me so much anxiety…do i let him sleep? should i wake him up like is he not hungry? when this happens we either get like two naps for the day or naps are very long cause he’s exhausted or something. idk if i’m overthinking it but i’m just worried
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Does he eat well during the day? Could be a growth spurt! Usually if baby is sleeping they need sleep. Have you tried any dream feeding if you’re worried he’s not eating enough?

If he’s over his birth weight hes fine let him sleep my doc says

If he's over birth weight take the sleep! My little girl has just started sleeping 7-10 hours at night. We do a big bottle (6oz) before bed and a big bottle first thig waking up (6 to 8oz that's up to her). Naps vary in the day time now. We get at least one 3 hour nap and the rest are now littler naps.

@Alyssa i have before when he first started sleeping longer periods, it made me more comfortable

@Bryana thank you

@Kelsey okay thank you!

My boy 7 weeks , sleeps 9-10 hour thru the night , sometime wakes up around 4am for a quick snack on the boob and then right back to sleep . My pediatrician said if it’s night time and he sleeps through than let him sleep . I feed him 4oz of breast milk before he goes down for the night

What did you do for the 7hr sleep? What time is you last feed at night? This is my goal right now as my LO's longest sleep at night is 4hrs & wake up every 2hrs after that... I'm exhausted 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Joane it really happened out of nowhere, it started one night and just continued. i made sure i kept 3hr between feedings and making sure the last feed is around 11-12

@Joane he takes his last nap around 5/530 and usually sleeps till about 7/730 , then we do tummy time and hang out till about 9pm , warm bath every night even if he’s just sitting in warm water and not actually getting a bath , he usually stays in for about 10/15 minutes till he starts yawning , prior to the bath I set the room dark and get his lotion out and night outfit , get him all set up and feed him 4 oz , half way through the bottle I swaddle and finish feeding him then usually before he finished the full bottle he knocks out . And he always wakes up at 7am every morning .

@Mallory when is his last nap before bedtime? I keep hearing mom's say their LO sleep 7 or more hrs at night starting at 2months & mine hasn't done that. He feeds 4oz every 3hrs with 3 naps a day sometimes more if he's cranky. Sounds like you're doing great & nothing to worry about as long as he's gaining weight. Enjoy the sleep :)

@Joane usually eats around 430-6pm everyday and falls asleep around 730pm till i wake him up or if he wakes up on his own. everyday is different though. you’re doing a great job :)

@Mallory OK thank you

@Mallory @selena Thank you I'm going to try these tips. 🙏 hopefully I can get a good stretch of sleep like you guys lol

@Joane if you use a swaddle, i stopped swaddling during naps only at night so i think he knows when he’s swaddled that it’s time to go to sleep. he sleeps best when he’s swaddled

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