“Your Turn”

Its frustrating to hear my partner say “your turn tonight” after he was up with our son for about an hour at 3 am. I feel like a lot of men do not understand that it’s always our turn…
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Yup 100% this

My husband and me will get to that point soon. I start working full time as well but while I’m home I do 90% of the child care; especially at night also on weekend when he doesn’t work. Going to be interesting when we both need to leave the house at the same time with the kid and get him ready as well. I can feel that it probably will still be on me the whole child thing even I work full time..I see arguments coming here because he’s the same as your partner I guess. I don’t know why everything is on us as mothers even they are parents too

@Selina the funny thing is i work full time at home and raise my son at home full time as well. Im like… does mommy get a break or naw

I say “your turn” to my husband because, yes, it’s always our turn and mama needs a break.

I say 'your turn' I've even booked myself a massage and yoga class and said your turn to look after the girls I need me time

@Sam that is so awful 😭

oh this would grind my gears massively 🫠 i only time i’ve said “your turn” to my partner is if he’s joked about me having a break.. having a child should be 50/50 of the time spent with them.

I’m sure he doesn’t mean anything by it but it’s definitely frustrating

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