Pelvic girdle pain

Anyone else being diagnosed with this?🥺
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Yes I went to physiotherapy yesterday and got a sheet of exercises to do twice a day and right after to put a hot water bottle for no longer than 15 minutes on my lower back. First day of doing this and haven’t seen improvements. Been told that until the pain is worse or pressing on the nerves there’s not much they can suggest other than the exercises. Any help with easing the pain please share. I’m all ears and willing to give anything a go.

Yes, been in physio for a month now- loads of exercises 3x a day and paracetamol if I cant sleep. Nothing much they can do but i will tell you — now vs how it was a month ago -70% issues gone just odd days/nights i suffer but nothing like it was. I can actually walk for more than 30min now 🥳👍🏼

@wiktoria goodness. I have been in the hospital since yesterday. The pain is something else 🥺

@Mady do you visit the physio regularly?

I am pretty sure I am suffering with this as well, even walking around the shops it's sore it's literally like I've pulled a muscle inside my actual vagina or something and sore inner thighs too. It's awful x

@Florence I first went a month ago, they saw me 3 weeks after the first exercises were given and now they want to see me every 1-2 weeks as “I actually have pgp” thats what the doc said as they see people that may have it at first but end up not having it (idk)

@Alanna bless you

@Mady wow bless you.

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