Milk allergy

When did you see a difference in baby when changed to prescribed formula for milk allergy
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My boy has been on it nearly a week, and I've noticed changes, others have said they've seen changes after 2 weeks.

I noticed that my little girls rash had disappeared within 5 days of starting the milk. Then her wind and tummy pains seemed to ease after about 2 weeks. She’s a happy little girl now!! She’s been on it over a month xx

What milk is she on? xx

It can take up to 6 weeks to see a change although most notice changes early on You will probably be prescribed a hydrolysed formula first and if baby's symptoms aren't ige like wheezing or swelling they will try keep you on that for 6 weeks to se if symptoms subside before trying an amino acid based formula Although for example my LG got swollen eyes and possible throat swelling so after 8 days of nutramigen we had to change to neocate which is an aa formula and see her swelling start going down within the day because it would flare up whenever she had a bottle

She’s on neocate. She was put on Aptamil pepti 1 but it did nothing at all.

Same as my boy! @Laura

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