Baby girl has made her grand entrance! 💜

Violet Marie Tate 💜 Wanted to share my positive induction story as a first time mom. I was SO nervous for mine having only heard bad and scary things about inductions! Went into the hospital at 6PM for an elective induction was 1 cm dilated and started cytotech, at 8 PM the doctor came in and placed a folly ballon, definitely uncomfortable but not unbearable. 2:30 AM water broke in its own, we removed the folly balloon and started the epidural, finally got some sleep until about 9AM when we started getting ready to push! 9:06 AM pushing started, I pushed maybe 10 times and the baby was here by 9:23 AM! Overall 15 hours in the hospital and 13 hours of labor as a first time mom! Hope this helps ease someone else’s worries who might have only heard awful things, we were lucky to have a nice quick easy labor!
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Thank you for sharing this!!!! I was just told yesterday during my ultrasound that they highly recommend inducing at 39 weeks and I cried leaving the appointment because I had only heard negative stories about inductions. This gives me hope and eases my anxiety. I don't have anything scheduled yet, but feel so much better. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

I go in for induction Thursday morning and I had only heard horror stories. Thank you for sharing your experience!

I got induced with my first child and it was an amazing experience. I was only in labor for seven hours before he was in my arms. That was an induction with Pitocin. The Pitocin is pretty intense but once you get the epidural you can relax and sleep. As someone who has had an induction and natural occurring birth, the contractions from Pitocin weren’t much worse. Glad you have a healthy baby!

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