I take pregnacare already but do you guys take any extra vitamins or should I be. Extra calcium?
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i’m taking pregnacare max and nothing else, most vitamins etc. are in your foods xx

No you should not need to, Only if your bloods detect you need them. I’m taking pregnacare but need additional iron & vit d from gp as levels are severely low. You would be told if any issues from your midwife/dr if have bloods :) X

I take Proceive vitamins. They are tailored for each trimester, and they have the active form of acid folic. I also take extra vitamin D and omega 3 DHA

I have some insulin resistance from PCOS and hear may need extra folic acid so taking a bit extra but I haven't googled it properly yet x

Pregna care original, vit c & vit d and omega 3 x

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