Venting out..can you relate... how have you managed it?

My son is 7 months old and prior to having a baby, I was a career oriented woman always wanting to learn new things and grow in my career. I am a contractor and didn't have any paid mat leave except for the Centrelink payment. I had to go back to work 6months pp. The savings we had before having the baby was budgeted to last us for at least a year but we had many unexpected expenses which made me go back to work and not extend my leave. After having the baby, I no longer feel like working. The career fire has gone down and I want to spend time with my baby. In addition to that we started him at a childcare which was very difficult to get a spot at but only to know the baby is constantly getting sick. We have been in emergency 3 times of the 2 weeks he's attended the childcare. The hygiene is very poor at childcare and I don't want my baby to go through this. There's no way out of this trap of work, finances, childcare and house chores. I'm fed up and it's been too much mentally and physically in the last two weeks 😟
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I’m in a similar situation but fortunate enough to be doing my contractor work from home - also had to start soon after having bubs, was doing some work while still in the hospital after giving birth. It’s such a tough gig. I think a lot of us as mums want to embrace the role and be the best we can to help our babies grow but this modern day doesn’t allow us to do that - not with financial pressures forcing mums back into work. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this too. Unfortunately no constructive advice from me - I’m lucky enough to be able to keep my LO at home with me, but it means I’m not getting my work done during the days so I’m up until 4 am usually getting my work done, doing night wakes and then rising with the baby at 7 / 8 am. Being a working mum sucks, and having a supportive partner is a really important piece of that puzzle. Thinking of you. I know it’s tough, I keep repeating that good old saying to myself: “this too shall pass”. You’ll get through it ❤️

You have to get your kid into the germ zone eventually anyways and honestly the earlier the better. I have my days where I try real hard and others where he wakes me up all I grab a diaper and wipes for in the morning, a pouch or granola bar or wheatbix (whatever they're eating.) He wakes up, I turn Mrs Rachel on and give it to him so I can freaking rest for another 20 mins and not get up lol My friend was work oriented and went back full on trying to get a promotion. She went back to work early and decided she changed her mind. She went to a normal job with normal hours. Some decided to part time it. Her goals changed and that's ok. Laundry piling up? It's summer let him go shirtless. Dishes to do? Nap with him and do it while he's playing later lol

Takes a while but you'll get into the groove. I saw a video of a woman who was super organized. She had a baby and her time management just blew out. She got baskets and just throws clothes in it when cleaned. Baby doesn't give two craps of his shirts wrinkled , he's going to spit on it anyways. Don't bother folding it

Yes I can relate. This is the normal Process of motherhood- you now have this human who is half of you- when you are not near your child you feel lost, guilt, sadness etc. your priorities have shifted and this is all the natural Process of motherhood- embrace it- try not to see it as a challenge or sadness as you are becoming someone new to someone new! It’s a beautiful thing! I too had a business as well work in education- my passion to educate the next generation is 100% still there but my priority has shifted to my own child. I know this will shift again down the road where I feel the desire to learn again and find the spark back for my job. For now it’s all for my little guy! Just do what you can, be easy on yourself and redshift your mindset on what work is for you right now

It's such a shit system. I'm so sorry you're facing all of that. They make it impossible for mums to be sahm now, when it should be a choice. With my first two, I left my abusive husband when the kids were 1 and 3. I was able to afford being a sahm with a rental house...not a tiny apartment or unit. My parents did help with 100 a month towards rent. But still I managed to be a sahm until they both were at school. Thatd be impossible now and that was only 12yrs ago. Not that long. I have twins now. Almost 1. My husband has 2 jobs to help get me through because we wanted me to have a year off. With my work payments/centrelink/annual leave, we can swing it so I cover rent the whole time and he covered everything else. But my ex took us to court for more time with his kids after 3 attempts at strangling them. So we couldn't afford court and the kids school while i was on mat leave. I was lucky enough that my parents are covering the school costs until I go back to work and pay them back. We are tight.

We'd love for me to have the full 2yrs I'm allowed off work...the 2nd year would be completely unpaid because I'd have no more annual leave etc. But the govt is making life impossible.

Yep, with my 1st I thought I would be ready to work again at like 6months. That didn’t happen, went back 3.5yrs later but that was 9years ago. 1st time I have only had 3mths full time off, because i “got my fill” with the first & my work situation is vastly different, so I am around a lot. It’s a hard balance there is no lie about that

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