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As a Mum do you prioritise your own well being with the juggle of everything that’s involved with parenting? Through my own experience of burn out being a Mum of two, one with SEN. I have had to learn to make time for myself to enable me to refuel and be able to get by day to day. Let me know your thoughts on Mums self care and well being it’s good to talk 🥰
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Hi Karen! I hope no one gets the pitchforks out for what I say here but I do as much self care for myself as I can! If it means putting on fruit so I can have 20-30 minutes for lunch, I will! I started my mothering journey by not showering & completely forgetting about myself, but my mental health was dipping & I wasn’t myself for my family so I knew from then I needed to change that. If my parents or my MIL are around I will openly let them take over, for me to go have a shower, or do skin care and to relax on my bed! If the house needs tidying but I’ve had a bad night of sleep, you know I will have a nap while my LG is napping! The house can wait!! We need to take care of ourselves as much as we can for our family.

It’s so important isn’t it Victoria, we can’t pour from an empty cup so they say. Great to have family support and to make the most of it if they are over. Yes the housework will always be there unfortunately!

Victoria, I run Mum Hub Kent a well being group for Mums would be really nice to welcome you to our friendly group helping Mums with well being and can bring your little one along to play and we can all look after ourselves as Mums.

That sounds lovely!! I would love to join!

I’ve messaged you x

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