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Just wondering if anyone experienced anything similar. My periods were irregular after my baby’s birth for a few months but since August they have been regular (29/30 days cycles). I am now 8 days late and started panicking (I am NOT ready for another baby now 😂). I did a pregnancy test when I was 6 days late and it was negative. Could my periods all of sudden become irregular again? I have been under quite a lot of stress at work recently so it could be related, but I suffer from anxiety so I basically live my life feeling stressed and it’s never affected my cycle before. I am not taking any contraception, we have been using condoms since our baby was born. I have also never breastfed my baby (I know this affects your cycle). Has anyone experienced this too? I just don’t know what’s wrong with me!
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I could have written this post myself! We will see I guess 😂 x

Same situation with my cycles though I always thought it’s due to breastfeeding. Mine used to be very punctual pre pregnancy (28 days), now looking at the last couple of them they are every 38 days or so. Every time I’m late it’s making me anxious. 😥

Periods arrived tonight 8 days late! I’m so confused as they have been regular the past few months. Maybe it’s stress. So scary! At least I know I’m definitely not ready for baby number 2 yet 😂 I just wondered if our cycle is still meant to be irregular after this long but it sounds like it happens sometimes from what you are both saying x

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