Work related. Needing to vent.

I felt like crap at work yesterday, I started feeling even worse last night. All through the night I had a fever, massive headache, weak and sore body. I messaged my boss & told her how I was feeling. She asked me to take a COVID test. It came back negative & she basically asked if I want to come in at 9:30 instead of 8:30. I have 2 kids & my mother in law offered to pick them up so I could rest all day. ( I can barely get out of bed). I don't understand how my boss could just act like I'm fine because I don't have COVID. I rarely call in & most of the time it's because my kids are sick ( me and my husband switch off). I need opinions
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I hope you feel better. If you have a fever, there's definitely something going on. It sucks that it seems she doesn't care. I would remind her that the flu is prevalent right now as well and that you don't feel comfortable going in and potentially getting others sick...let alone you just don't feel well. Also, sometimes Covid tests don't pick up on the antibodies for a couple of days after symptoms are present. That happened to a coworker of mine. So you may want to test again in a day or so. Get some rest and take care of you

I’m so sorry that is happening. It could be the flu which can sometimes be way worse than covid. If you have a fever you are contagious and shouldn’t be going in.

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