Basement apartment

Hi, just wanted an opinion. I’m looking to move with my toddler. I got a call back from an apartment but yesterday she told me the only apartment she has available is a basement apartment. I went to look yesterday and where it is you would have to walk in the back of the apartment building and go down steps in order to get into the apartment. I’m not sure how I feel about that, especially being with a toddler. What would you do?
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I’m not sure that I would move in. First impression of reading this, back of an apartment building… sounds a little unsafe. But I am not able to see it. How many stairs?

@Sadie Gallagher that’s my thought process. About 5 steps.

I personally would prefer to wait until a safer place becomes available. It seems like you would not feel comfortable here. It just depends on if you have to jump on this apartment if it’s your only option due to timing then do what is best for you and toddler. Best wishes

I don’t think it looks bad! However, if you just have a bad feeling, nothing wrong with going with your gut.

I have a whole flight of stairs to get into my house from the garage. My son mastered steps young and I feel 100% safe having him navigate them multiple times a day. For me the steps would t be a problem. Maybe annoying but just fine for a toddler.

@Madison lol no my son walks fine up & down stairs. I just didn’t like the idea of walking in the back of the building in order to get inside the apartment. I just think of getting back at night and having to walk in the back of a building with a toddler

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