5 month old only really contact naps, sleeps in car seat/pram or if I’m getting ready and in the room will fall asleep on my bed. Wanting to try and get at least one nap in his crib so I can actually get stuff done and eat something without trying to entertain a baby at the same time. 🤪 Just tried today put him on while sleepy which we do at night and well he protested a lot! I don’t want to leave him screaming because I don’t want to undo our good bedtime routine where he will go in his crib sleepy and fall asleep really well! I calmed him down and he fell asleep in my arms where I managed to transfer him successfully he woke up after half an hour which isn’t bad. Do I just need to keep at it and he will get used to it? I don’t mind letting him whinge to sleep but not a full blown meltdown.
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Mine has only just started sleeping in the cot and will only do 30 mins but I think that's ok? If I think he needs more I'll do one contact nap to make it longer... He doesn't sleep well at night though ..

I started using huckleberry for this reason and it does help. My aim was to do one nap in her crib per day and she's now managing about 3. She started off with 30mins stretches, reaching about an hour now. Keep at it! Took me about a month.

@Alice thank you, it’s a start for him I suppose and it’s something new I just don’t want to undo the good bedtime routine oh he goes to sleep ok the night as a whole aren’t the best still up at least 2/3 times and take awhile to resettle. X

@Emily thank you that’s great, I will keep at it just hate it when he’s screaming he was practically asleep in my arms but as soon as he hit the crib blue murder. 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Rachel white noise helps a little bit too. When her arms start to drop I put my hands behind hers so they don't hit the crib so harshly and wake her up.

@Emily yeah we have a white noise machine ☺️ yeah I do that too. Do you put her in her sleeping bag? X

Try again at the same time each day, to incorporate it into your routine. Baby should get used to it quickly xx I found white noise is super helpful x

@Rachel yeah she has a nap routine. Change, sleeping bag, sing and rock to sleep 🙂

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