Wow I m really sleep depraved with my 1 week old.. feeding are lasting 3 hours and then she sleeps for 1 🫥 when will this get better?
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Aw ❤️ I don't have a date on when this will get better but it will get better. It's SO tough in the beginning. Do you have someone who can come give you a hand so you can get a little bit of sleep? Friend, family member, SO? If you need anything you can message me to chat.

Do you breastfeed? I was like that too, apparently my baby wasn't getting enough milk. We started doing combo feeding, 10 minutes for each breast then bottle with formula (or your expressed milk) and she started sleeping way better!

She doesn’t want to latch or take more than 1oz

See a lactation consultant asap and someone who is qualified to evaluate tongue ties

Sorry to tell u but definitely once baby is about 2 months and more. There will always be times when baby changes sleeping patterns etc and honestly ur sleep will never be the same. But this step ur in will get better! In match my boys will be 3 and 1. Once my oldest went to sippy only he slept through the night. My baby doesn't lol. It's hard bc u wake up out of deep sleep, just often at night etc. At this stage sleep when baby sleeps and deal with house stuff when u have more help. If no help, talk to them don't let it just pass.

Every baby is different. My son is 3 now and I’m still sleep deprived because mom worry has set in for me. It will get better. It will just be different: you got this

See a lactation consultant to help will latch and pediatrician to make sure baby doesn’t have tongue tie because that could also be affecting the latch

I just went to the doctor and she said no tongue tie!

I would get an appointment with lactation consultant

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